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    Having your caravan serviced annually not only makes sense for you and your family’s safety, but is a requirement to maintain any warranty you may have.

    There are many things that need checking in a caravan or motorhome such as LPG gas appliances & supply, 12v & mains electrical systems, body shell integrity, running gear, tow hitches & stabilisers, braking systems, 3-way fridges, water heaters, showers, windows and seals, storage lockers & doors. These are just a few things!

    Protect your family’s second home. Keep your caravan serviced & maintained!

    Get your caravan serviced by us, this would give you great peace of mind regardless of what you paid for the caravan you can sleep safely!

    We have a lower age limit policy for servicing across all vehicle platforms which is currently set at 2005.

    Our 2023 annual servicing prices are as follows:

    Single Axle Caravan                        £254*
    Twin Axle Caravan                           £278*
    Motorhome Habitation Only    £175*

    Please complete our pre-booking form below.

    Caravan make & model, year, any known problems, and requested date.

    *Includes VAT and for caravans the One Shot Alko hub nut

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